Tech Club

Tech Club will once again run out of Room 120 in 2017/18.  The schedule for the year is below:

Monday is for Grade 6 students.
Tuesday is for Grade 7 students.
Wednesday is for Grade 8 students.
Thursday is for project work - all grades are welcome.
Friday is for the Photography Club and Yearbook.

We are halfway through April and the Hedges Tech Club kids have been busy.  They have recently uploaded a few videos to the Hedges Hawks Youtube Channel.  Check them out here.

The February Assembly of Success has come and gone.  Here is some of the work that was submitted by our grade 6s this month as well as a few early entrants for the March assembly.  You can also see the video created by the Safe Schools Committee on our YouTube channel.

The January Assembly of Success has come and gone.  Check out some of the pictures below.

Photography Club kids gathered these pictures from Hat Day today.  Part of the Great Kindness Challenge.

The Hedges Tech and Photography Club kids have finished their video detailing "A Day in the Life" of a Hedges Student.  You can see it on the Hedges YouTube Channel.

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the Hedges Tech and Photography Club kids.   A number of the students took on two huge projects for the school.  The students made a video detailing a number of the programs offered at Hedges Middle School.  That video can be seen on our YouTube channel here.  Below are some pictures featured in the video..

A couple of the Tech Club kids have been working on a video of the Hedges Harvest event we undertook on Halloween.  Thanks so much to Mr. Hayward for organizing this great event.  Here are a few pictures from the Tech Club kids as a sneak peak.  The theme of the video.... Hedges Hawks don't let rain stop us from helping those who need it.

Spirit Week has just ended and the Hedges Photographers were out and about taking pictures.  Check some out below.

The Hedges Photography Club has been busy working on a number of projects for the assembly.  Team pictures were taken and are being edited by the students.

Here are a couple of the pictures...

The school is buzzing with activity.  The Hedges Tech Club and Photography Club is up and running and full of activity.

Students are working on coding projects, some stop motion work, and compiling videos and photographs of Hedges events for the assemblies, TVs and YouTube channel.

On Friday's Photography Club, kids started their 2016 portfolios.  We took black screen pictures, learned to edit them using Lightroom and made them our title slide for our Keynote presentations.  Here are a couple of samples of the work.

The first Assembly of Success was Tuesday, September 20th.  Check out these short videos that the Tech and Photography Club kids made for the assembly.

Grade 6 Tech Club will be on Mondays at Lunch in the Computer Lab

Grade 7 Tech Club will be on Tuesdays at Lunch in the Computer Lab

Grade 8 Tech Club will be on Thursdays at Lunch in the Computer Lab

Photography Club kids will meet Fridays at Lunch in the Computer Lab

We have had a few kids out and about already.  Maybe you have seen them?

There is lots of new staff, students and excitement at Hedges this year.  One of the new clubs will be the Tech and Photography club.  Sign up will start early in September.  Stay tuned to the announcements if this is a club that interests you.

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