Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Fundraising at Hedges

At Hedges, every child has an individual fundraising account that is tracked by the Parent Advisory Council. Any profits made from fundraisers throughout the school year are accumulated and can be used to offset costs for various school activities, such as Grade 7 camp, band camp, instrument rentals, student fees, sports jerseys, ski trip, etc. There will be 2-3 optional fundraisers per month that your child can participate in. A withdrawal form must be accompanied by each request for funds (see below). At the end of grade 8, any remaining funds will be transferred to a sibling attending Hedges the following year or deposited into the general account. 

Our first fundraisers of the year are Show and Save books, and Peak of the Market Veggies. Information will be sent home with students on Friday, September 8th. If you do not want your child to participate in the fundraisers, simply ask them to say "no thank you" when forms are being passed out by homeroom teachers. 

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