Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Recycle and Win Contest

9th Annual
Recycle & Win Contest
At Hedges

In our lunchrooms, we held a campaign that started on November 21, 2016 and ran through to December 16, 2016 to raise awareness about keeping our environmental footprint small at Hedges.  Every time a student was caught reducing, reusing, recycling or composting, they would receive a ballot to enter their name into the draw. The contest ran for four weeks and our weekly winners were K.J., Lucas, Payton and Keira.  Our recycling habits included:
·      Recycling plastic, paper, glass or aluminum cans into the Blue Bin
·      Recycling plastic shopping bags separately
·      Bringing reusable food containers
·      Bringing a lunch box or lunch bag
·      Recycling pop can tabs (Tabs for Wheelchairs program)
·      Bringing your own cutlery (not plastic)
·      Composting
The grand prize winner was Haneen who received four Manitoba Moose hockey game tickets.  We were glad to see the number of students practicing good recycling skills that they have either known about or learned about during this contest.

Thank you to the lunch supervisors for their guidance during this time to help educate the students about ‘Keeping it Green’!  Also, thank you to our local McDonald’s Restaurant and Birchwood Automotive Group for donating instant, weekly and grand prizes!

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